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James Warren
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Tom Sutton
Tom Sutton
Ben Oda
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Vampirella #7 (Warren)

Appearing in "Who Serves the Cause of Chaos?"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tyler Westron (only dies)


  • Lenore (only dies)
  • Ethan Shroud (only dies)
  • Nuberus (first appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Conrad Van Helsing (first appearance)
  • Adam Van Helsing (first appearance)
  • Kurt Van Helsing (as corpse)



Synopsis for "Who Serves the Cause of Chaos?"Edit

Vampirella stumbles across a snow storm, weakened after the plane crash and she finds herself cornered by a terrible monster close to a large lodge in the middle of the snowy forest.

Vampirella in the snow storm

Vampi falls unconscious and dreams of the events that led up to her current situation, from her departure from her home planet Drakulon, to the contest that forced her to take the airplane that crashed. Upon awakening, Vampi finds herself inside the lodge, in bed and with her clothes removed. A doctor soon joins her and introduces himself as Tyler Westron, the man responsible for looking after Vampi and helping her heal. Scared, Vampirella tries to escape, but she learns that Westron has amputated her wings as to save her life. The man has learned much about Vampirella and he offers to help her stop needing to drink human blood to survive. Vampirella is grateful for Westron's attention, but a nurse called Lenore is not happy with the situation.

Elsewhere, Conrad Van Helsing and his son Adam find the grave of Kurt Van Helsing, who had died in the plane crash. They dig out the body and verify that Kurt's corpse was completely drained of blood, just like every other corpse found at the crash site. Conrad takes a stake through the heart of his brother's corpse and then leaves with the intention of finding the responsible of the atrocity.

Meanwhile, Vampirella comes face to face with the terrible monster inside her bedroom, but moments later, Westron shows up and assures her that it was just a dream caused by one of their patients, who became violent. Westron delivers a special serum to restore Vampi's strength and reveals that the serum was partially made with his own blood. A shocked Vampirella explains that sharing blood is an intimate ritual in Drakulon, reserved for those who would become partners and lovers. Westron is happy to learn that, but Lenore objects to the whole situation. Westron and Lenore start arguing and Vampi sneaks away from the place into the library. She pick up a special book called The Crimson Chronicles and learns about an ancient war between Order and Chaos and how the book helps the preservation of balance between those forces by keeping the ancient gods of chaos trapped in another dimension.

Vampi is interrupted when Lenore comes inside the library and takes the book with her. Curious, Vampirella follows Lenore from a distance and watches as the nurse silently gathers all the patients at the lodge and leads them somewhere. She notices how all of them wear the same amulet and are dressed in the same manner, as if they were part of the same cult. Vampi then recalls that the book mentioned a ritual performed by cultists and scared, she runs to find Westron. When she is unable to find him, she assumes the worst and goes to her room to change into her combat outfit.

Vampirella follows the cultists to the basement, where she notices a cage where a creature was hold, wide open and a man badly injured. She continues her exploration of the basement and goes downstairs into a massive cave beneath the lodge where the cultists are summoning the god of chaos Nuberus using the Crimson Chronicles. The Ceremony of the Second Soul is about to start and Vampirella is attacked and captured by the Cult of Chaos, who intend to sacrifice her and offer her soul so that Nuberus can cross into the Earthly dimension.

Lenore is about to stab Vampirella with a blade at the sacrificial altar, but Westron stops her and uses the dagger to stab Lenore. Her soul will grant entrance to Nuberus and Westron reveals his true nature. His real name is Ethan Shroud, warlock and leader of the Cult of Chaos and Lenore was his companion. Together, they had performed the Ceremony of the Second Soul to come back to life for centuries and in the latest ritual, Lenore sacrificed the soul of a man called Tyler Westron, allowing Ethan to take his body and resume his existence.

However, Ethan is fascinated by Vampirella and wants her to be his new companion. Upon learning the truth, Vampirella fights back and refuses to be part of such an evil group. Ethan is furious and intends to attack Vampirella, but he is killed by the terrible creature that has been haunting Vampirella ever since she approached the lodge.

Although Ethan is dead, the ceremony has reached the climax and the demon Nuberus has come to claim his souls. The Crimson Chronicles burns in fire and the protection against the demons is erased. The creature takes Vampirella and runs away from the cavern as it collapses and causes the entire lodge to fall on top of it, eliminating all of the cultists.

Moments later, Vampirella recovers and finds herself in the chill outdoors, far from the ruins of the lodge. The creature lays next to her and explains that he is the real Tyler Westron. He is dying, but he is glad to have made such a sacrifice, because Vampirella's presence on Earth provides an unexpected advantage against the forces of Chaos. He dies, hoping that Vampirella can tilt the scales against the Cult of Chaos and their powerful masters and Vampirella contemplates the moment in silence.

At that moment, the Van Helsings have found pictures of the only surviving members of the plane crash and thanks to Conrad's special abilities, they know that they shall start hunting the vampire-looking lady.


  • This issue features the first full length Vampirella story.
  • This issue also features the following stories:
    • "The Demon in the Crypt!" by Gardner Fox and Billy Graham
    • "Out of the Fog --- And into the Mist!" by Steve Skeates and Ken Barr
    • "Snake Eyes" by Nicola Cuti and Jack Sparling
    • "Signs of Sorcery" by Don Glutt and George Roussos
    • "The Gulfer" by Nicola Cuti, Bill Fraccio and Tony Tallarico


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