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The Cult of Chaos
Cult of Chaos - Vampirella 8.jpg
Notable members Lenore (former, deceased)
Ethan Shroud (former, deceased)
Status Active
First Appearance Vampirella #8

The Cult of Chaos is a secret society dedicated to worship the forces of Chaos and whose purpose is to unleash the dark Gods of Chaos into the world.


The Cult of Chaos came across Vampirella and their current leaders, Ethan Shroud and Lenore, fought against the vampire warrior. They were planning to unleash the God of Chaos Nuberus using the ancient tome of The Crimson Chronicles to perform The Ceremony of the Second Soul. However, due to their own personal conflicts as well as Vampirella's own interference, the Cult's plan was foiled and they died in the confrontation.[1]