Do vampires in her universe need to breath? In a lot of cases the undead apparently do not require oxygen so I'm curious.

Especially about her in particular as a "living vampire" if she might have this human weakness of requiring oxygen? Or could she survive in a vacuum / underwater? Apparently she spends time underwater in issue 29 so maybe if I get a chance to read that it could be informative.

Aliens/Vampirella crossover had a Facehugger somehow overpower her, and the way they work is using their tail to choke your neck and make you gasp for air so it can insert the ovipositor down the esophagus. Knowing whether or not Vampirella has to breathe would help in understanding how this happened. mentions Vampirella choking back tears but I don't know if she's ever been described as suffocating from choking/strangulation if underwater suffocation cannot be found...

Ah has her in bat form thinking ~he's strangling... choking me~ in Vampirella Archives 14. continues the fight with the narration -furred fingers crush the life from Vampirella before losing consciousness the voluptuous Drakulonne reverted back to her human self- and she thinks ~h-he could've killed me~

I'm not 100% sure this is evidence she requires breathing oxygen though because this could simply indicate a blood choke. Requiring a blood supply to your brain to survive and remain conscious (which I think we can say she clearly does) wouldn't necessarily mean that she requires working lungs or inhaling oxygen to empower that blood. More research needed... says: Page 10, panel five "As Vampirella straddles Bluebeard, he reaches up to wrap his huge hands around Vampirella's throat, strangling her."

Also indicating she can suffer from strangulation in human form, but still not clarifying if it is blood or oxygen based. Blood chokes work a lot faster than air chokes, but her lasting longer could just be her toughness rather than indication it is an air choke.

Can see from on that he actually does a choke initially using a prehensile beard.

w:c:HeyKidsComics:Vampirella Vol 1 29 cover shows air bubbles escaping her mouth while she is underwater, as a start. mentions a "breathless instant" but it looks like air bubbles escaping her mouth while submerged. Same with 15... but if we look at and page 18 she is able to carry on a conversation underwater somehow. 16 is absent in the preview but unless she gained some 'talk and breath underwater' power in that missing page, it seems like this might be an inherent ability for her. I'm missing 19-59 from the preview though so maybe this turns out to be an oxygen-deprived hallucination? Dunno. talk2ty 17:14, February 26, 2018 (UTC)