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Lady Death
Lady Death.jpg
General Information
Created by: Brian Pulido (writer)

Steven Hughes (artist)

Real name: Hope
Species: Goddess
First Appearance: Evil Ernie #1
Abilities: Healing



Shape Shifting


Levitation & Flight



Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Lady Death queen of hell and one of the the original bad girls.


Before becoming hell's queen, Lady Death was an ordinary young woman named Hope in medieval Europe. Her father, Matthias, was a demon-worshipping warlord and practitioner of witchcraft, whose crimes against his people caused them to turn against his daughter. She was falsely accuse of witchcraft and burned at the stake, but before the flames consumed her, she recited an incantation she overheard her father use, calling forth a demon. She brokered a deal with it ot enter hell in exchange for her willing renouncement of her humanity.

Once Hope is banished to hell, she sets about gaining the means to kill her demonic father. Lucifer grants her powers, crafts a sword for her and clothes her in her the demonic raiment that becomes her most iconic costume. During her time in hell, Hopes's humanity slowly drains away, leaving her taller stronger, more buxom with pearl white eyes, deathly pale skin and hair.

Comfortable in her inhumanity, Lady Death turns on Lucifer, intent on overthrowing his kingdom. She defeats him in single combat and takes his thorne. However, her victory comes at a price: Lucifer lays a curse on her. Lady Death may never return to the mortal plane so long as living walk the earth.

With Lucifer cast out, Lady Death re-models Hell in the image of the endless graveyard, a place for all the souls she wil reap in her bloodthirty question to return to earth.