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General Information
Created by: Bill Parente; Jerry Grandenetti
First Appearance: Vampirella #2

Evily is an evil witch and powerful sorceress. She is Vampirella's cousin.


Evily used her dark magic to rule over the place known as Vaalgania. She lived in the Black Forest, in the notorious Evil Castle. She used her powers to torment mortals until she was challenged by her cousin, Vampirella.

In the struggle, Evily's spell backfired and she was left powerless. Evily then sought the Tree of Ancestors to restore her powers and although she recovered her dark magic, her appearance remained that of an innocent woman.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Magic: Evily has the ability to cast spells of any kind. She mostly uses these powers for her own evil purposes.
  • Shapeshift: Evily has the ability to transform into a cat.