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Chastity a teenage girl unwilling turned into a vampire and one of the original bad girls.


Chastity began life as your average young american girl lving in Toledo, Ohio but her story of adventure began somtime in the mind-70's. Daughter of a very angery man who owned a hair salon, he despised his daughter and often abused and molested her, considering her worthless and of being the one who brought shame upon the family. Her dreams were of working in drama and joining a prestigious drama school but when she fled her home and went to london she wasn't accepted. However, while in London she came across a group known as the nobs, and although she thought their music was terrible, she and the lead singer Billy Zone began dating and grew closer togther.

One night, while attending a punk concert,  Chastity is sent to the van in the alleyway to get drumsticks and runs afoul of a fat, old vampire in a union jack t-shirt called Farley. Unable to control his hunger he feasts upon her blood making her a vampire.

The Countess is an elder vampire and the one who takes Chastity in and begins to explain to her what has just happed as well as revealing to the reader that Chastity cannot be sensed by fellow vampires, making her a perfect weapon

Finally, Chastity begins her trip into darness when at the Countess's urging, she tears out the throat of Farley (the vampire that turned her) and bathed in his blood.